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Those who have made a Cursillo tell in one sentence what it means to them

§ Cursillo is dynamic, exciting, uplifting, vibrant, fun, life changing, rewarding, and fulfilling.  

§ Cursillo is Mentors mentoring Mentors.  

§ A group of men, (or women), having a wonderful time together without the help of alcohol or gambling. 


§ To make Christian community possible in neighborhoods, parishes, work situations and other.   

Personal Testimonies of Cursillistas


 § The Cursillo was a gift to me from God.     

§ Cursillo has changed my life in a very positive way.   

§ I am blessed to be a part of it.

§ It is an awaking, a rebirth of sorts in my Catholic Faith and my relationship with God.   

§ A weekend to become fully Catholic by being fully Christian. 

§ To grow in grace and friendship with Jesus and other Catholics. 


§ A focus on being Christian rather than doing Christian things.   

Testimonials after the Weekend


§ To bring Catholics together in friendship with Jesus Christ.   

§ Offering a shared spiritual life for all adult Catholics.  

§ The Cursillo is an adult look at our Faith, followed with a support method helping us to live our Faith for the rest of our lives.  

§ Cursillo is a way to kindle the fire in our hearts, with a community to continually Rekindle the Fire.  

§ Cursillo is a life changing experience with a community to maintain that experience.   

Being fishers of men (and women)



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