Videos concerning cursillo *** from various sources

Check out this one

How Cursillo Strengthens Your Faith

VIDEO-Short witness on Cursillo

Pope to Cursillo Movement: You grew without

The Pope Visits with the International Cursillo Movement

John Ameis-Cursillo Central Indiana Community Lay Director

From our neighbors to the south about Cursillo

The Power of the cursillo Movement

 Fr. Francis Martin 

(The mention of Cursillo begins at the 8 minute point.  Feel free to advance, but is best to watch from the beginning.


Check out this great video

CBS television jerry weissman on speaking to the public

Should I?  Or should I not?  Give a Rollo on a Cursillo weekend?  See what this man has to say about that and what can be done about the fear of speaking.

This is just over 3 minutes.

Video------ Cursillo: Its Origins, Mentality and Purpose

The National Cursillo Presents

work shop -- Power Presentations by Jerry Weissman


Speaking principles used by CBS broken down for help in preparing to make a presentation. Not just for business speakers, these points for speaking can be used for a Cursillo weekend Rollo, for an Ultreya witness, and much more.


This video can be an asset for anyone who is about to form a Rollo, not just for the writing of the talk, but also for the giving of the Rollo on the weekend. You can skip around to catch parts of it, but well worth viewing from beginning to end.