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Palanca-the short explanation


What is palanca?


 What is a palanca letter?  

A  palanca letter is one that is sent to the candidates and team, informing  them of the prayers and sacrifices that you are offering to God on  their behalf.  A letter may be sent explaining what type of palanca is  being offered, but the letter is NOT the palanca.  The actual palanca is  the action – intercessory prayer, sacrifice, or works of mercy, and it can be done without writing a letter.  If you would like to receive an electronic reminder from the National Cursillo Center highlighting each week’s upcoming events, subscribe to obtain our free emailing.  It is sent out each week.  Palanca  is needed for upcoming Cursillo events.  

Please send an email for the upcoming Cursillo weekend, explaining the prayers and sacrifices that  you are making for the participants. 

Please send your Palanca letter to 

When are Palanca Letters Needed- (at beginning of each weekend)

                          IN SPANISH

Spanish Men's - October 3 - 5, 2019

Spanish Women's - October 10 - 13, 2019

                          IN ENGLISH

English Women's #72 - October 17-21, 2019

English Men's #72 - March, 2020

More About Palanca

Diocese of Kalamazoo Palanca Chairperson --- Mary Williams

About the Palanca letter - Not a personal letter

 Because the word  "palanca" is Spanish for lever, the language used in a palanca should be  encouraging and uplifting, as the letter is a "lever" to help lift the  receiver closer to God. If the person is participating in a specific  task such as a religious retreat, the letter should congratulate them  for their commitment and offer confidence that they can expect to  receive blessings from God. The palanca letter should also include a  commitment from the writer regarding some sacrifice they plan to make in  honor of the receiver's religious journey, such as giving up candy for  the weekend. The letters are anonymous for both the reader and the writer. The  writer should write "Dear Brother of God" or "Dear Sister of God," or  the gender-neutral "Dear Child of God" on a sealed envelope. Examples of  encouraging words to include in the letter include that the writer is  praying for him, that it is great he is seeking God's love, and how  happy the letter writer hopes to make the writer. The letter should be  signed with the writer's first name only. 


  •                            Sample PALANCA Letter       

Dear Brother/Sister in Christ:

   I am writing to give you spiritual support for your participation in the Cursillo weekend. Your presence at the weekend means your heart is open to the Lord’s working changes in you. Our brother Jesus is extending his hand to you. Take it in confidence and faith! Don't miss the chance to know and grow in his love. Only in Jesus and with Jesus will you find true freedom. The time you are now giving to Him will pass quickly; but the freedom Jesus gives is forever.   

I am very happy that you are participating in this weekend, and I want to encourage you to make the most of it. As a pledge of my support for you I will: (list prayers and sacrifices you will offer). 

    God bless you always.

    Your Brother/Sister in Christ,    

First name only.    

 Note: If kids are writing the letter, they also usually tell the person that when they know that they did something wrong, God still forgives them and loves them for what they are, as He loves everyone the same; and that they will pray for the weekend. Sometimes they promise they will say some number of Hail Mary’s or Our Father’s, so that the person will grow closer to God.  

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