The Kalamazoo Diocese Secretariat


English Secretariat Contact #- 269 689-9087

Lay Director- Sharon Matkin-

Assistant Lay Director- Irene Dunlap-
Spiritual Advisor- Fr. Dan Hyman-
Treasurer- Diana Godish-
Weekend Chairperson- Dave Garwood-
Secretary-  Melissa Shultz- 

Newsletter- Bob Matkin-
Post Cursillo- Michael Metzger-
PreCursillo- Jeff Chancey- 

Asst. PreCursillo- Dave & Serena Spear-
Palanca- Mary Williams-

Spanish Secretariat contact number .............. Número español del contacto de la secretaría

                                       616 335-2181

Director  de la endecha- Jose Alfaro-
Consejero  espiritual- Fr. German Perez-Diaz-
Presidente  del fin de semana-
Poste  Cursillo-

Personal Testimonies from Cursillistas

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Words of the Lay Director- Sharon Matkin

Last fall as we prepared for and presented  the Women's Cursillo weekend I truly experienced a community of women  who fully "loved one another".  I have been involved in so many  experiences within the Church and outside the Church.  Never before had I  experienced a team of women who all fully and selflessly gave of  themselves in service to "love one another" live as Christ.  This  beautiful team of Christians when joined with the candidates... quickly  became a larger community of Christians desiring to live out the call  to love one another.  I have experienced the same working with the  Secretariat...what a joy it is to serve with so many who also have the  passion to "love one another" as Christ commanded.  Cursillo has been  such a gift in my life....a gift that must be shared!

Now we have walked with Jesus...we suffered with Jesus... we truly  remember the sacrifice He made for each one of us!  To truly "love" us  meant He had to truly sacrifice and suffer for our failings.  He gave  the ultimate sacrifice...His life... for You...and me.  To "love one  another" means we also must sacrifice and maybe even suffer so we may  more dearly know Jesus and so we can share more clearly who He is to  others.  Down the Via Dolorosa...Jesus shows us the way.  As  Cursillistas we must understand how imperative and how fruitful our  palanca truly is!  In these next few months, would you please  truly offer great Palanca for the upcoming Women's Cursillo weekend. May  our candidates experience the weekend as never before...may they experience  Christ...may they cling to the Holy Spirit to live the Gospel!  We are  Cursillistas...Cursillo is our call to live the Gospel and to build the  Kingdom!  Rejoice!  Jesus Christ has risen...conquered  death...the death of sin!  The greatest story ever told...the greatest  gift ever given!  Cursillo has given us a way to embrace this gift more  dearly and to share this gift in an amazing way!  We are preparing a team of women that will say YES to God's call.  Our goal is for 30 candidates!  There are many who have been  asked but have not yet committed.  I am calling on all Cursillistas to  pray, sacrifice, and invite.  This is an amazing gift...a life changing the Holy Spirit and invite those on your heart...then pray,  sacrifice, invite...repeat over and over again!  Christ is depending on  US!  Thank you for the way you "love one another"!  I wish you all a blessed Easter celebration!!! Sharon Matkin

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